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Meet a new poop bag...50% glove + 50% bag.

Here are highlights on the GLOVE you'll LOVE:

✅ 50% bag + 50% glove

✅ Leak Proof

✅ 2x thicker than bags

✅ Biodegradeable

✅ Pre-ripped

✅ Individually folded

✅ No more fighting w/ roll

✅ 8+ ways to use them

✅ 100% money-back

Why switch from bags to gloves?

Roll unravels

Pre-ripped & folded

Breaks easily

Never rips

Failing to get everything

No nugget left behind

Hard to tie shut

Long handles & attaches to leash

Your Dog Walk Just Got an Upgrade ✈️

Go from traditional dog bags & gear, to looking like you're walking into first-class with your pet.
You've suffered from boring & difficult to use bags for long enough. Compromise elsewhere.

Get the look

You'll be a "WOW" & stand out in the park. ☀️
Charm Bracelets
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