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Why We Love It:

  • It’s waterproof, travel size, & perfect for the park
  • It’s a bag that carries everything you need for an outing with your pet.
  • It goes with most outfits – fancy, classy, or sporty.
  • Fits on a backpack, purse, leash, or in a jacket.
  • Going to the beach, the park, or the store? Perfect, it travels nicely.

Quick Facts!

  • It carries – Dog Gloves, Mini Wipes, & treats
  • Front holds the Dog Gloves
  • Back holds Mini Wipes
  • Treats (not sold) can fit in either

Your Most Common Questions

How big is the Carrier?

It’s about the size of an iPhone plus, but a little wider. 

The measurement is 5 ½”  L x 4” W. 

What can fit in the Carrier? 

It can hold an ID, credit card, keys, & money. 

It was designed to hold Dog Gloves in front, Mini Wipes in the back, & treats in both! 

What makes this Carrier more special than any other poop bag holder? 

It doesn’t weigh down the leash like standard poop bag holders. Also, you never have to worry about your poop bag roll unraveling, because the Carrier is designed to hold pre-ripped & individually folded Dog Gloves…no roll to struggle with ever again. 

What material is the Carrier made of?

It’s made from plastic so it’s waterproof & super easy to clean after going to a park. 

What can the Carrier attach to?

The Carrier can attach to the dog leash, a jacket, purse, or a backpack. 

How does the Carrier attach to things?

It comes with a black carabiner that can attach to almost anything with a hook. :)

Is the Carrier travelable?

Yes, absolutely! You can take the carrier anywhere you travel to. ✈️

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