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In 2014, I started my career in tech, working in San Francisco.

I was in Event Operations, supporting tradeshows and conferences. I worked with companies like Google, Meta, & Microsoft.

 In 2016, I started feeling sick so I did testing and was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. Shortly after, I was hospitalized at the UCSF Benioff hospital.

I owe the doctors there my life.

At the hospital, they had dogs visit us. At that time, it was the only thing that brought me hope.  

I made a promise to myself that I would get a service animal and visit hospitals to bring kids that same feeling of hope and experience of selfless love that I had treasured with the dogs.

In 2017, my family got Kaia. She was my first love. And then I got Sailor last year. 

In 2020, when Covid hit, I had been working on tech events, that had 20,000 to 30,000+ attendees. Once everything shut down, it was like my world collapsed.

In seeking a reset, I moved from California to South Carolina and started working at a Christian church, leading their events.

This is where I launched Noble Pets. I thought the best part of my day was being with my dog but the worst was cleaning up after her.

I never understood why you wouldn’t use gloves to pick up after your dog.

I decided to redesign poop bags to be easier to use...making them 50% glove + 50% bag with a new name, Dog Gloves. Available in white, so it’s like white-glove service for a dog. That’s part of our royal theme.

They come in a carrier that allows the gloves in front pocket & wipes in the back pocket. I think the worst feeling is dirty hands on a walk, especially if you use your phone.  

I’d love for you to come along with us as we grow. The selfless love our pets give us makes them Noble Pets and totally worthy of white-glove service. We're sending you love with every glove.