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Starter Kit

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Our Starter Kit includes 20 Dog Gloves, 1 Carrier, & 2 Mini Wipes packs.

Your Most Common Questions

What comes in the Dog Walk Kit?

In our Kit, you get the below…

  • (20) Dog Gloves
  • (2) Mini Wipes Packs
  • (1) Dog Glove + Wipes Carrier 
How long does the Kit last?

For the Gloves & Mini Wipes, it typically lasts most people about 30 days. 

For the Carrier, it should last 1 year at least.

What color Dog Gloves come in the Kit?

We’d like to give you a chance to test out a fun variety. You’ll get a mix of royal blue, pink, white, & sky blue. It’s perfect if you don’t know which color box you want and would like to sample them all. 

Who should buy the Kit?

The Kit is best for a dog lover who is new to using the Dog Gloves or our Carrier. No matter where you are in our world, it’s great for someone who hasn’t tried all three of our most popular items…Dog Gloves, Mini Wipes, & the Carrier OR needs a replenishment. 

Would the Kit be a great gift for someone?

YES, absolutely. A huge pack of our customers will buy the Dog Gloves for themselves and then come back for the Kit for themselves and then to give as a gift for a friend.

If you buy two, then you get free shipping. :) It is packed beautifully and doesn’t need additional wrapping at all. 

What’s the difference between the Dog Gloves vs Standard Poop Bags?

Dog Gloves are 50% bag + 50 glove, so you get the best of both worlds! ☀️

They are also pre-ripped & individually folded because we didn’t like carrying 100+ bags on a roll for a quick dog walk. 🌸

Gone are the days of fighting with the roll & having it unravel on you at the worst possible time. 

Are the Dog Gloves biodegradable?

Yes, 100% biodegradable! ♻️❤️🌎

How many gloves come in a box? 

The gloves come in 2 different quantity amounts: 80 gloves or 160 gloves.🧤

How long do they last?

We estimate 1 or 2 gloves per dog (per day). Therefore, our large box with 160 gloves should last you about 4 or 5 months. 🦋

Why “Pre-Ripped” & “Individually Folded”? 

An odd, but very important bonus to using Dog Gloves vs Poop Bags. 

Did you ever get tired of the roll unraveling on you in public at the worst time? 💔

We did & it’s time to move on. This was very important to us that you have the freedom to take only what you need, not weigh down your dog leash, & never take the chance on the roll unraveling on you as it always does. 💜💚💛🧡💙❤️

Are they leak proof?

Yes, 100% leak proof so you’ll never have to worry about anything coming out of the bag. 💪🏽

Are they easy to open?

Yes, no need to lick your fingers to open a bag again. 💎

By the way our gloves are designed, you know which side opens up (no guessing top or bottom). 

We also make them VERY easy to open because we didn’t love that we had to lick the fingers to get them open. 

Are the Dog Gloves travelable?

Yes, absolutely! They are lightweight yet leak proof. The best part is YOU get to choose how many gloves you want to carry. No need to carry 100+ bags for a quick walk with your dog. ✈️

What is the size of the glove? 
  • Size of the Bag (Unfolded): 10"W x 19"L
  • Size of the Bag (Folded): 3.5”W x 4”L
  • Fits all Hand Sizes
  • Folded bags easily fit into pockets, bags, backpacks, etc. 
What is the material of the Dog Gloves?

Our bags are dyed (in blue, white, or pink), but they’re originally made from dark green-colored bags that contain an EPI additive which helps them to break down, unlike traditional plastic bags.

EPI is the developer of Totally Degradable Plastic Additive (TDPA) which is the technology used in our green-colored bags.

EPI testing shows that TDPA allows the bags to break down as it reacts to variables such as heat, oxygen and agitation, is non-toxic and produces no harmful residue.  🌎💕

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