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Do Dog Gloves REALLY Work? Or Too Good To Be True...?

Do Dog Gloves REALLY Work? Or Too Good To Be True...?

Do Dog Gloves REALLY Work? Or Too Good To Be True...?

What if the reason you disliked cleaning up after your dog is because you’re using the wrong bags? 

I always wondered why people use bags to grab poop.

  • Bags HOLD things
  • Gloves GRAB things

Then why not use poop gloves...50% bag + 50% glove? It's a win win! In my lightbulb moment, all I want to do with my poop bags is this...

That’s right, “bye bye” poop bags.

I love my dog, but cleaning up after her was easily my least favorite part of owning a dog.

Some of the reasons I felt frustrated with poop bags are...

  • You had to buy 200-500+... why so many at one time?
  • The bags come on a roll...which inevitably always unravels.
  • They're supposed to fit in this little carrier, which attaches to the leash & weighs it down.
  • When you need the bag, it's impossible to rip off the roll.
  • They are hard to open.
  • They are hard to tie shut.
  • The bags are thin & I can feel the warmth of my dog's poop.
  • The popular color options are army green or black. Not so hot.

Ahh, so many reasons. Well, I decided that I was done dreading walks with my dog. 

I got creative & designed poop gloves…specifically for dog owners as a way to pick up after them easier.

Let me lay out the differences for you!

Our Dog Gloves are kinda like your basic or regular poop bag, but with SUPERPOWERS.

I decided to name them Dog Gloves though because, as you can imagine, they do SO MUCH more than pick up poop. They can do about 8+ other common tasks that typical dog owners do daily (if not weekly).

Start practicing that royal wave now! Bye bye, poop bags! Hello, Dog Gloves.