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Mini Dog Walk Bowl (Set of 2)

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Type: Dog Bowl
Color - Pink Purple
Never let your dog go thirsty again or get sick from drinking water from community areas. Our mini dog walk bowl attaches to the bottom of your water bottle so you and your dog can drink icey cold water. It's like two straws now that you can share drinks with your furry friend. πŸ’™

The night Sailor got sick :(

Right before we spent the 8 hours in the ER

Ready for a story?

I'd like to tell you a story aboutΒ how Sailor ended up in the ER for a dreadful 8 hours.Β 

Every day, I lace up my shoes, leash in hand, ready for the highlight of my day - walking my beloved Sailor girl. With each step we take, we explore the vibrant streets of Charlotte, passing by bustling restaurants and charming shops. As we wander along, there is something that always catches Sailor's attention - the water buckets placed outside these shops. Oh, how she used to revel in the refreshing delight of that ice-cold water... until that fateful day.


It was a scorching summer afternoon when Sailor's eager tongue lapped at the contaminated water. Little did I know that this innocent act of quenching her thirst would soon unleash a torrent of despair upon us both. For three endless nights, we endured sleepless agony, navigating the labyrinthine hallways of our high-rise building. As each hour passed, we anxiously waited for the elevator, Sailor whimpering beside me, yearning for relief and escape onto the grass.


When the sun finally rose, marking the end of our torturous ordeal, I rushed Sailor to the vet in desperation. Hours felt like they turned into an unbearable eternity as she underwent an array of tests. Beads of sweat slid down my forehead as I clung to a sliver of hope, praying for answers. And finally, the verdict was delivered - contaminated water had ravaged her delicate system.


A wave of determination washed over me in that sterile examination room. I vowed that from that moment forward, Sailor would never again taste the tainted liquid that had brought her to the brink of despair. But my heart couldn't bear the thought of her thirst going unquenched. How could I deny her the basic necessity of life, all in the name of protecting her fragile health?


It was in that moment of desperation and love that inspiration struck like a bolt of lightning. I became obsessed with finding a solution, a way to ensure Sailor's well-being without denying her the simple pleasure of a cooling drink on our walks. And so, I set out on a mission to create the perfect companion - a revolutionary product that could seamlessly merge her needs with mine.


With unwavering focus, I toiled tirelessly, experimenting with countless designs and refining my vision. It had to be more than just a dog bowl - it had to be a lifeline that would forever change the way we ventured through the world. And then, the breakthrough came.


I smiled triumphantly as I held my creation in my hands -Β mini dog bowlsΒ adorning the underside of my water bottle. With this ingenious attachment, Sailor would no longer be subjected to the perils of contaminated water, and I could ensure her thirst was quenched with every step we took. It was the embodiment of our unbreakable bond, a symbol of our undying friendship.


Now, as we embark on our daily walks, Sailor and I are invincible. My heart swells with pride as I see her drink from the double-strawed masterpiece that connects us. Her eyes light up with gratitude, and I am filled with a profound sense of joy knowing that I have made a difference in her life. No longer do we fear the wretched consequences of tainted water; instead, we revel in the bliss of shared trust and unwavering protection.Β 

Your Most Common Questions

What is the material of the water bowls?

Our Mini Dog Walk Water Bowls are made of silicone.

What size water bottle can they fit on?

They will fit water bottles that are 20oz, 30oz, or 40oz. 😊

Are these non-slip?


Can they fit on Stanley mugs (or comparable ones)?

Absolutely! ❀️ They are made to slip on the bottom of Stanley or Hydroflask mugs (or similar ones).

Are they lightweight?

Yes, like air!

Are they travelable?

Yes, completely! You can throw them into a bag & will not squish.

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