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Things Only Golden Retriever Owners Understand

Things Only Golden Retriever Owners Understand

Things Only Golden Retriever Owners Understand

Owning a Golden Retriever is a unique experience that not many people can understand.

They are a special breed. They’re not only dogs, but family members, best friends, & loyal companions, 

They also have a lot of personality & require a lot of care and attention. If you're lucky enough to own one, then you know what it's like to live with one of these furry friends.

We'll discuss many things only Golden Retriever owners can understand. If you're not a Golden owner, then be sure to read on to learn more about these amazing creatures!

  1. Golden Retrievers are always happy and eager to please. When you come home, they are the best greeters…very excited to see you. As someone once said, “The only difference between my wife & my dog, is that my dog is never upset when I come home that I left her.”
  2. The hair is often everywhere, regardless of how often you vacuum or clean. You know the rush to collect the tumbleweed before having guests over. 
  3. You often find golden retrievers with their tongue hanging out so it looks like a permanent smile. This is one of the best things about them! It’s impossible to not smile back at least once a day.
  4. They are very needy, but in a good way. They will follow you around the house.
  5. They have a wagging tail that is impossible not to love. They wag it often, along with the rest of their butt…but you gotta watch it because it easily knocks things down. 
  6. Golden Retrievers are gentle giants and make great family pets. They are the best cuddle buddies & are the best pillows.
  7. They can eat anything, mine with the exception of leafy vegetables…we are related. However, they can sometimes get into non-edible things so you have to watch them. 
  8. Golden Retrievers are incredibly intelligent and easy to train. They can learn tricks easily and you don’t have to worry about them getting bored or slowing down. For a lazy person, they make great workout partners too.
  9. They love to play fetch and will never get tired of it.
  10. They have a natural instinct to herd things, which can be amusing because they something want to herd their humans.
  11. They are always ready for a good belly rub. Arms in the air, flat on their back, is pretty common.
  12. 12. They are incredibly loyal and bonded to their family members…even if those family members aren’t really worth it. They will love them unconditionally & protect them at all costs.
  13. Golden Retrievers are friendly to everyone and well-known for being the world's most lovable dog. Amen! 

As a Golden Retriever owner, you understand the unique joys and challenges that come with being a pet parent to this lovable breed. 

From their perpetual happiness and easy trainability to their love of fetch and water, these dogs make great companions for any family. 

Despite these quirks, it's hard not to love these gentle giants!