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What Do Dogs Think About When You're Not Home?

What Do Dogs Think About When You're Not Home?

What Do Dogs Think About When You're Not Home?

Do you ever wonder what your dog does or thinks about when nobody's home?

Well, we think that they just sit around and wait for you to get back - but it turns out they might be doing a lot more than we originally thought.

Dogs with separation anxiety are prone to accidents or chewing on things that they aren't supposed to chew on when left alone for lengthy periods of time. If you have one, I'm guessing you already know what they do when you're out because you've had to replace carpet or other things in your house.

Regardless of their attachment to you, there are a lot of things going on in your dog's mind.

Here are some things that dogs think about when they're alone.

Why is the sound of that car so familiar?

We all know that dogs can pick up sounds, but did you know how many different sounds there are to hear? Dogs will start associating car sounds with their owners, and might even begin recognizing them by the time they get home.

My owner's not home right now, but maybe I can make the house 'mine'?

This one might seem like a stretch, but dogs are way smarter than we give them credit for! Many people think that dogs will pee on your things to mark their territory when you're gone. But sometimes, they'll try and do it to make the house theirs too.

As you can imagine, if your dog is doing this, getting rid of the smell could be a challenge.

What are we all going to do when they get home?

Dogs are really social creatures, and sometimes will get lonely when their owners leave them alone for a long time. They might miss out on all of the fun and wonder what you're doing in the mean time. Some dogs might even get a little worked up and start barking when they hear someone come in the house.

If your dog is feeling anxious, they might also feel separation anxiety when you leave or when you get back - which can make things extra stressful. But if they aren't anxious, they might also be wondering what you're up to!

How did my family get along before I came along?

When you first got your dog, how did you introduce them to everyone else in your house? Did your other pets take it well, or were they pretty mad at their new canine sibling? Either way, dogs will start to wonder what life was like before they came around.

What is this box for?

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but dogs love boxes. They'll sniff them, chew on them, and sleep in them if they can! When you're gone all day at work or school, your dog might just stay near their favorite box - because it's their favorite thing!

Is there anything interesting on TV today?

Dogs can't actually watch TV, but they know that lights mean something is happening! If you've ever turned on your TV before leaving for the day, your dog might be interested to see what's up when you're not around.

I wonder if I still get treats when nobody's home?

Just like any other animal, dogs love treats! When you're not home, they might get a little anxious when they don't get their normal daily treat. They'll wonder what you're doing with the day and what it has to do with why they aren't getting their favorite snack.

When will it be time for dinner!?!

I wonder what the other dogs in my neighborhood are doing today?

Dogs love dogs, and they especially love all of the dogs that live near them. Sometimes, your dog might wish that you let them outside too - or that there were more dogs around to play with when you're not home.

What kind of interesting smells am I finding today?

Dogs can smell a lot more than we can, and they'll start to associate each day with different scents. Some days their owner might leave behind some perfume or aftershave... others, something delicious might happen to fall on the floor! Either way, dogs love smelling all of the new smells that they can find when you're not home.

Overall, though, you can probably rest easy knowing that your dog is just hanging out, sleeping, relaxing, and taking in the sights from the window while they await your arrival.

Most of the time it may look peaceful on the outside, but there's a lot going on in your dog's head on the inside!

Be certain to give your dog lots of love when you get home so they don't forget how special they are to you!