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5 Time Saving Hacks to Clean your House Quicker (for Dog Owners)

5 Time Saving Hacks to Clean your House Quicker (for Dog Owners)

5 Time Saving Hacks to Clean your House Quicker (for Dog Owners)

You know that time flies when you’re having fun with your dog. However, for me at least, sometimes I forget to clean throughout the week & then I realize how dirty my house is when I’m having guests over.

Frantically, I’ll grab the dog hair that’s been flying around & wipe down from all the dirt she’s politely brought inside.

If this sounds like a scenario that happens in your household then I have five time-saving hacks for cleaning your house quicker! These time saving tips will help you finish in half the time while getting more done.

Let’s take a look at these 5 time saving hacks now:

1. Make a plan for cleaning your house

This is possibly the most important one! Make a plan for cleaning before doing anything else. Determine which areas in your house gets the most dirty from your dog & then schedule time to clean those areas every week. Every Sunday, look at your week and schedule time in accordingly so you’re certain not to let dirt accumulate.

2. Wash the floors

This makes a HUGE difference in the house. Wipe down the floors in each room whenever you see that they need it. Your dog probably brings in dirt after going outside. Try to set aside time, at least once a day, to wipe down the floors by the door. Don’t wait for them to become dirty or smelly. Also, if your dog is a big drooler, then mop up around that area immediately, too. This keeps messes from getting ground in.

3. Clean things as you use them

As you or your dog use things, swiftly clean them as you go, rather than letting crumbs and dirt accumulate over time. That means instantly wiping around the dog food bowls after your dog eats or around the water bowl anytime water spills out. If your dog is a beggar for treats, then also wipe down from any drool immediately or else you’ll forget by the time it’s too late.

3. Don’t put off moping

We all do it, but putting off moping for later is going to take you twice as long. Schedule this in at least once a week – Wednesday is a great day since it’s mid-week. You can get cleaners that smell amazing to use when moping which will make your home smell great.

4. Steam clean your carpets

Not a lot of dog owners do this, but steam cleaning is one of the best things you can do in your home. This deep cleans without any harsh chemicals, making it a safe choice for your pets and kids. If you have time, rent a steam cleaner from a rental store or hire pros to come do it for you. It does take time to recover, though.

5. Make cleaning fun!

I think this is my favorite hack! YES, cleaning can be fun! It’s one of the most rewarding feelings after you do it. I love when I can see the floors sparkle & the house smelling like a fresh citrus scent. I will binge-watch a show or listen to a favorite podcast while mopping. Sometimes I’ll play music loudly as I dust. My dog loves it too because I can easily entertain her. She always likes to watch the cleaning happening. Don’t focus on the time! Just enjoy yourself and kick back often!

House cleaning can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. These time-saving hacks will help you clean your house quicker – and who doesn’t love that? Whether you’re short on time or just want to get the job done faster, these tips will help. So go ahead and try them out!