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Why You Should Be Using Gloves When Cleaning (As a Dog Owner)

Why You Should Be Using Gloves When Cleaning (As a Dog Owner)

Why You Should Be Using Gloves When Cleaning (As a Dog Owner)

If you are a dog owner, gloves will be your best friend when it comes to cleaning.

There are many benefits associated with using gloves including: protecting your skin from bacteria that your dog has attacked, protecting your hands from harsh cleaning products, reducing the spread of germs inside your home, & allowing you to clean quicker and more efficiently.

You’ll love what I’m about to breakdown for you because there’s so many things that dog owners don’t know about cleaning and why you should be using gloves throughout the home.

Here’s everything to keep in mind…

Gloves keep your hands clean and free of bacteria or germs from your dog

One of the most important reasons to use gloves is that they protect your hands from any bacteria or germs that your dog has brought into the house. Regardless of however clean you think your dog may be, it’s good to regularly wipe down and get rid of excess bacteria.

When you’re cleaning, you can come into contact with a number of different bacteria that you don’t even know about. So that you can avoid feeling like you want to constantly wash your hands all day, just wear gloves.

Gloves protect your hands from harsh cleaning chemicals and soapy water

Gloves also protect the hands from harsh chemicals found in many cleaning products.

The point of cleaning is to sanitize & kill the bacteria or germs that came into your house, likely from your dog. In order to do so, the cleaning products that you should be using may be strong & may contain chemicals that you don’t need on your hands the rest of the day.

Gloves keep your hands safe from cleaning substances and make it easy to clean without worrying about irritating your skin.

Gloves keep your nails clean

This one is not only for the ladies (& the manicure), but also for men because everyone’s nails can easily get dirty when cleaning. If they’re not properly taken care of, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Gloves help to keep your nails clean and free from dirt and grime so that you don’t have to worry about them becoming a problem later on. I love this reason because I can clean more often without rushing back to the nail salon.

Gloves will help you avoid cuts, scrapes, and burns

Cleaning can be a dangerous task, if you’re not careful. You can easily cut yourself on sharp objects or surfaces, or get burned from hot water or cleaning chemicals.

Gloves give your hands added protection from these dangers and make it less likely that you’ll suffer an injury while cleaning.

Gloves prevent the spread of dirt and dust from one surface to another

When you’re cleaning one surface, you may be inadvertently transferring dirt and dust to another surface in your home.

Gloves help to prevent this from happening & keep each surface clean and bacteria-free. This is especially important if you have allergies and are trying to keep your environment as free from allergens as possible.

Gloves provide a barrier against detergents or disinfectants that could dry out skin or irritate it

One of the most important benefits of using gloves while cleaning is that they can help protect against the spread of disease. This is especially important for pet owners as cleaning up after their pets can be a major source of exposure to harmful bacteria and viruses.

By using gloves when cleaning, dog owners can significantly reduce their risk of coming into contact with these harmful agents.

In addition, gloves can also protect against other types of contamination such as allergens, dust, and dirt.

Gloves help you get the job done more quickly

Gloves will get you in & out – with peace of mind! This is one of the best reasons is they help you to get the job done more efficiently.

When your hands are covered in gloves, you don’t have to slow down & worry about getting any dirt or cleaning chemicals on your hands. This makes it easier to grip objects or move around. With gloves on, you can also use as much force as you need to without coming into contact with bacteria.

Moreover, you can easily clean all surfaces and get into all the nooks and crannies as quickly as possible without having to worry about anything getting on your skin during that time.

In the most simplest ways I can explain…gloves make cleaning more comfortable and safer. Cleaning can be a difficult and an uncomfortable task.

Gloves help to make the job easier by providing insulation from hot surfaces, protection from sharp objects, and gripping traction on slippery surfaces. They also protect your hands from harsh chemicals and soapy water.

Overall, gloves are so valuable to have when cleaning and provide many benefits that dog owners can appreciate. So be sure to have a pair on hand the next time you’re cleaning up after your dog! Of course, Noble Pets has created gloves specifically for dog owners cleaning up after their pet, but any eco-friendly glove that you use will be worth it!

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