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Dog Gloves: The Future of Picking Up After Your Dog

Dog Gloves: The Future of Picking Up After Your Dog

Dog Gloves: The Future of Picking Up After Your Dog

If you’re anything like me, you get that dreadful feeling when your dog is squatting & the back starts hunching over which only means one thing.

It’s a problem most dog lovers are familiar with, but for many of us, it’s not our favorite part about having a dog. You take them outside, they start sniffing, then pacing, you know the tushy is going down…

I always pray for it to be a tinkle, like I have some control over the situation, even though I know I don’t.

Everyday (at least once or twice), it’s not a tinkle.

It’s a plop.

Better that it’s happening outside rather than in our house, yet I still don’t get excited to pick up poop. However, I’m about to tell you something life changing, so get ready…

I decided to switch from picking up poop with poop bags to Dog Gloves, which makes it so much easier & makes me genuinely happy!

No more picking poop with your bags? Have you ever thought about how it doesn’t make sense to grab poop with a bag? Bags are meant to hold things & gloves are meant to grab things.

So what are Dog Gloves and why should we switch? I wanted to share with you all the pros to using poop gloves, rather than bags…

Dog Gloves are biodegradable

  • This is a great benefit of Dog Gloves. They are made of a similar material as bags, but have a different design.
  • Poop bags that are not biodegradable can take up a lot of space in a landfill, but Dog Gloves will decompose and not take up any extra room.
  • So you can feel good about using them without harming the environment. This is just one excellent reason to switch to Dog Gloves for picking up your dog’s poop!

Dog Gloves are 2x thicker than regular poop bags

  • Dog Gloves are extra thick. In fact, the Noble Pets Dog Gloves are 2x thicker than regular poop bags.
  • This means that they will be less likely to tear, and more likely to protect your innocent hand when picking up after your dog.
  • When given the opportunity, I’d always pick the option where my fingers don’t risk closer contact than necessary with my dog’s poop.
  • You know that moment when you feel the warmth of the poop? You can’t feel it with Dog Gloves…do I even need to go on?

Dog Gloves are 50% glove + 50% bag

  • Dog Gloves are both part glove AND bag. That means they have the benefits of gloves and a bag.
  • Like I mentioned earlier…bags are meant to hold things & gloves are meant to grab things. Now you have a win-win situation! Or a “best of both worlds” as Hannah Montana would say.

Dog Gloves are available in white, so it’s like white-glove service for your dog

  • Now your dog can experience a higher-level of service & sophistication even when you’re picking up poop!
  • Finally! If your dog isn’t spoiled enough, this is the perfect time to show her some extra love.
  • If you want to go way over the top, gift our white gloves to someone who is obsessed with their dog.

Dog Gloves have extra long ties

  • Yay, now you can tie the Dog Gloves closed to eliminate the smell.
  • Some poop bags do have ties, but Dog Gloves have even longer handles to make it as easy as possible to tie.
  • The Noble Pets Dog Gloves are a whopping 7 inches long. Now, after picking up the poop & tying it shut, you can keep your hands much further away from the poop before finding a trash can. Woah, that trash can hunt just felt shorter.

Dog Gloves shield your arm when picking up

  • It’s a funny thought, but 100% true.
  • The gloves are longer than flimsy bags which is perfect for protecting your arm when going down.
  • You may have to test it out to fully experience this benefit. Once you see it, you’ll understand.

We’ve enjoyed having bags, but now, poop bags are better left in the past.

Until I fully transitioned over, I used my poop bags to hold treats on our walk until I got rid of all of them.

Remember bags hold things, while gloves grab. So let’s use gloves where it makes sense, now that it’s possible.

Forget the poop bag, Dog Gloves are what you need!