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Quick Steps to Keeping Your Home Clean as a Pet Owner

Quick Steps to Keeping Your Home Clean as a Pet Owner

Quick Steps to Keeping Your Home Clean as a Pet Owner

As a pet parent, it's not easy keeping the house clean. From the drool or flying hair, to the accidents in the house sometimes, I strive to keep my house cleaner. Here are 5 tips to keep your home cleaner if you have pets. Trust me, you'll be so happy if you do a little prep work before your house gets too dirty.

1) Invest in pet-friendly cleaning products

I'm not saying go out & buy pet cleaners, what I am suggesting is to invest in pet-friendly cleaning products.

For instance, vinegar is pet friendly. You can use diluted white distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar for pet-friendly cleaning purposes.

2) Make a pet clean up kit

What's great about making a pet clean up kit is that you can keep it in one spot & easily grab it to do pet clean up. For those pet parents, who don't have a pet clean up kit, make one as soon as possible.

3) Don't let pet hair go around the house by investing in a pet hair remover/lint roller

I know pet hair removers & pet lint rollers can cost a few bucks but pet parents, this is one of the ways pet parents live cleaner. Plus, you don't need to buy pet hair remover refills all the time because they are reusable. I've been using pet hair remover refills since 2012 & am still going.

4) Make a pet cleaning schedule

To make your life easier & to keep the house always clean, create a pet cleaning schedule. We can do pet clean up daily or weekly depending on how bad the pet hair/drool is flying around. Sticking to a schedule will ensure that you are always staying on top of cleaning up.

5) Clean your pet's paws after going outside

I know it may be hard to do this after every time you go out, but after taking my dog on a walk earlier today, I noticed how quickly her paws got dirty. So, make it a priority to clean your pet's paws after going outside.

I hope our tips help your home get cleaner everyday! You can do it! It's small action items now that will pay off in the future.