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Secrets about Dogs that you Don't Know

Secrets about Dogs that you Don't Know

Secrets about Dogs that you Don't Know

Many dog owners have a close bond with their dog, but there are some secrets that they don't know about. Read on to find out the fascinating things about your dog that will surprise you!

  1. Dogs can smell cancer

A dog's sense of smell is so powerful that they can detect whether a person has cancer or not by smelling their breath. In fact, dogs can diagnose illness better than some medical equipment.

  1. Dogs see in color

Contrary to popular belief, dog eyesight is very similar to human sight and they even see colors. They just can't discern as many shades as we can because dogs' eyes don't have the ability to perceive yellow and green.

  1. Dogs can hear higher-pitched sounds than humans

Dogs can hear frequencies beyond the range of human hearing, which is between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz (dogs can hear up to 40,000 Hz). That's why dog owners often find themselves repeating commands; dogs just can't hear you!

  1. Dogs are really smart

Dogs have the same brain structures that govern emotion in humans. They also go through many of the same emotions that we do, including stress and anxiety.

  1. Dogs can catch yawns

You've probably noticed your dog catching a yawn when you're tired after a long day at work, but have you ever caught your dog yawning when they aren't tired in the slightest? Well it's true, dogs can catch human yawns. Be careful next time you yawn when your dog is around; they may think you're actually sleepy and try to take advantage of that!

  1. Dogs don't like hugs

Hugs might feel nice to dog owners, but dogs don't see it that way. Dogs are one of the few mammals who greet each other by sniffing, so they see hugs as a form of social dominance and an invasion of their personal space. To dogs, hugs feel like confronting a stranger - not something dogs do!

  1. Dogs can get bored

Just like humans, dogs get bored when they're not stimulated with new and exciting things. Bored dogs can become destructive and hard to handle; make sure your dog always has some toys or is taken on walks often to keep them happy and occupied!

  1. Dogs prefer praise over food

That's right: dogs like positive feedback from their owners more than they like food!

  1. Dogs sometimes howl to the moon

Dogs are often referred to as "man's best friend", so it might surprise dog owners to know that dogs can howl at the moon, just like wolves. It is still unknown why dogs howl at the moon, but some scientists theorize dogs may howl to communicate with other dogs across long distances.

  1. Dogs like to watch TV too!

Studies show that dogs love watching dog-themed or dog-related shows, especially the dog whisperer. And much like their owners, dogs look at the TV screen instead of at other members in a group.

  1. Dogs have a sense of time

It might not be a dog-eat-dog world after all! Dogs have an excellent sense of time and can anticipate what is going to happen in the future, just like humans. This makes dogs especially great at learning tricks and other routines because they know when it will occur.

  1. Dogs get jealous

Dogs aren't all fun and games! Dogs get jealous of their owners' attention just like humans do, which can often lead dogs to become destructive or difficult if they think a new dog or baby will take their place in the owner's affection.

  1. It takes dogs 5 weeks to digest a meal

Dogs don't chew their food as many dog owners believe; dogs swallow their food whole which can take up to 5 weeks to digest! That means dogs are basically wearing their food for at least the next week. Yummy!

  1. Dogs will not eat dog food left out overnight; they wait until you feed them

When dogs are hungry, they will eat dog food left out overnight if it is available. Dogs do not have the ability to self regulate their calorie intake or dog food quality in order to make sure dogs get enough nutrition, so dog owners must make sure dogs only eat when they are fed. This is one of many reasons why dogs are not better at taking care of themselves without dog owners.

  1. Dogs can be trained to fight crime

Since dogs have excellent senses, they are especially good for police work or assisting blind people. Out of all the animals in the world, dogs have the most advanced sense of smell - so there is no task dogs can't accomplish!

  1. Dogs have belly buttons just like humans do

Dog owners may know dogs have belly buttons, but dogs don't. This strange looking dog body part is actually called an umbilical hernia and it basically acts as a scar from where dogs were attached to their mother while they were still in the womb.

  1. Dogs dream just like humans do

Dog owners know dogs sleep a lot, but dogs actually spend a third of their life sleeping! And dog dreams look very similar to human dreams: dogs can run and play in their sleep, much to the delight of dog owners who get to watch their dog "play" while they sleep.

  1. Dogs don't sweat the same way humans do

Have you ever seen your dog sweat? You might be surprised to know that dogs cool their body temperature down by panting instead of sweating like humans do. This means dogs can easily overheat, which is why it is important dog owners always monitor their dogs during summer months.

  1. Dogs work hard for their food intake

Dogs owners know dogs love to eat, but dogs actually work for their dog food by doing tricks like "sit" or "fetch". This is because dogs were domesticated long ago and used to hunt prey; dog owners must make dogs work for dog food in order to keep dogs healthy and prevent obesity.

  1. Dog owners' day is dogs 24/7

Dog owners get up early, go out late, and don't even get a lunch break compared to dogs. Dogs have all day to sleep or play while dog owners typically put their dogs in a dog crate until they get back from work. Dogs may have it easy, but dog owners deserve a break too!

In conclusion, dogs are amazing creatures, but there are so many things most people don't know about them. These fascinating dog secrets can help you better understand your dog and appreciate being a dog owner even more!

Share these secrets with your dog owner bestie because I know they'll LOVE learning them!